Sheila Graber’s major retrospective exhibition marking her 80th birthday, which was originally scheduled for May 2020, was unveiled when the museum reopened on 17 March 2021. During the Covid 19 pandemic Graber reflected further on her artistic journey and re-shaped

The 20th century was a time of great change for women in Britain. Those born, raised and educated in the 19th century, then forming relationships and working in the 20th century saw extraordinary progress. But against that backdrop was their Mothers of Invention tells the story of a group of dykes on Tyneside in the 1980s/1990s, who were both political activists and what would now be called cultural producers. Newcastle was quite unique in that time in that a lot

Dr Amy Tobin, Curator at Kettle's Yard unpacks Linderism at Hatton Gallery in Newcastle

Keeper of Art, Sarah Richardson, unpacks Art Deco by the Sea at Laing Art Gallery

  Download a .pdf version of IN//OUT OF BLOOMDownload Download a plain text and image described .docx version of IN // OUT OF BLOOMDownload Historically we, the LGBTQIA+ community have found ways to see each other from Rainbow flag stickers hidden in the

Active[ism] is an audio feature that explores what pride means to six LGBTQIA+ persons of colour who are from or located in the North East of England. LGBTQIA+ people of colour are all too often left out of ‘queer’ community

Click on the images to enlarge ‘More than a Rainbow’ is a personal exploration of what Pride means to me, and in its current form, that is very little. The commercialisation of Pride over the years, and the general homogenous culture of

In 1988 I was elected as the first ‘out’ gay Councillor in Newcastle.  At the time there were two big issues for me, HIV/AIDS (which was the acronym we used then) and Section 28 of the Local Government Act.  I

Proud Geordie is a love poem for the North East, created using contributions of stories and photographs from the region's diverse LGBT community. The piece was designed to be spoken aloud, and celebrates the history, culture and natural beauty of the area, those