Active[ism] by Chantal Herbert

Active[ism] is an audio feature that explores what pride means to six LGBTQIA+ persons of colour who are from or located in the North East of England. LGBTQIA+ people of colour are all too often left out of ‘queer’ community conversations and spaces, and racism exists within them. This audio piece amplifies the voices of those that may otherwise be unheard and highlights issues faced within queer spaces.

This feature is best listened to with headphones or speakers.


Ose – She/Her They/Them

Rene McBrearty – She/Her They/Them

Louise Evan-Wong – She/Her

Dami Fawehinmi  – She/Her

Mjs Greenfield – They/Them

Jinrui Pan – She/Her


“Me” Written and performed by Ose


“With Us”

Hannabiell & Midnight Blue

From the album “With Us”

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“Away From Here”

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Chantal Herbert is an audio producer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and one half of Tits Up Creative. She creates impactful and atmospheric audio productions that centre on social activism, feminism, violence against women and girls and the experiences of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people.